Weddings are not what they seem to be.

One honest (and almost ludicrous at this age) fact about me is that I’ve never been to a wedding. ( I don’t count my biological dad’s wedding as real ) I usually disclose this when I want to pull out the big guns at “Never Have I Ever”–easily my best one. Anyways, this has led to me having some serious misconceptions about what actually goes on at a wedding. Today I was listening to “This Girl’s In Love With You” by Dionne Warwick while on the phone with my older sister and I said to her, “This is the song I’m gonna sing to my husband at my wedding. It’s so romantic.” This led her to patiently explain that no one does that at weddings, and where do I get these crazy ideas from (the movies, of course). It kind of broke my heart a little bit until I decided I’m gonna do that anyway if anyone ever deigns to marry me.


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